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The Grand Prairie Police Department is kindly asking citizens to please record serial numbers, makes, models, brands and any other identifying information for your valuables. Phone: 972-237-8751 Leo Fikes was also considered a suspect. Finally, Leslie told the caller that Patsy had passed away the previous day. Thank you. One of the wax figures featured in the museums was. It also seemed unlikely that she would commit suicide by strychnine poisoning due to its horrible side effects. A 38-year-old Grand Prairie man was shot to death early Sunday, police said. Sometime before her death, Patsy told Sally that the spare keys to the house, which she kept over her oven, had disappeared. Non-emergency: They questioned him about the museum fire and the deaths of Patsy and Lori Ann. You will remain anonymous. The Grand Prairie Police Department is dedicated to service and partnering with our community to maintain a safe environment with a high quality of life. Thanks, The section also investigates the thefts of motorcycles, vehicle burglaries, unauthorized use of motor vehicle cases, cargo theft, and 18 wheeler thefts. CASE DETAILS. The man was soon identified as twenty-two-year-old Stanley Lester Poynor, described as a drifter who held several jobs for brief periods of time, including grocery store clerk and pharmacy technician. Patsy and her sister, Sally, were successful businesswomen. L.E.A. They follow up on Crime Stoppers Tips as well as citizen complaints involving narcotic trafficking that are called into the Special Investigations Unit. I believe that overlooked her daughter. Within seconds, the chilling answer came back: strychnine. Ferris, TX 2009 Double Homicide Cold Case. According to a leading toxicologist, since 1950, there has only been one confirmed case of homicide by strychnine poisoning in the entire United States. They note that it spread very quickly, possibly due to an accelerant (although no tests were done to confirm this). He says they had not been close since then. Sallys husband Steve began mouth to mouth resuscitation: During that, a lot of green fluid came up from her, and I would continually spit that out onto the bed, or there was a towel there as I remember. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Steve went around to the side of the house and noticed that one of the windows was cracked open. A vibrant woman, a poisoned nightcap and a lingering why? (Page 1), Museum mysteries re-examined after theft arrest (Page 1), Burglary charge is filed over wax museum ledger, No poisons found in wax museum secretary's body (Page 1), Wax sculpting for museums is livelihood for Texas artist, Texas waxworks reopens after fire, owners death, Bizarre wax museum case is still a mystery, Investigation continues in wax museum fire deaths, Cobwebs galore from little Amy of yore to more recent (Page 1), The 1987 Murder of Patsy Wright: Poisoned When Strychnine is Put in Her NyQuil (Reddit), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Given their turbulent history, theres no way Patsy and Bob would have had an intimate dinner together in her bedroom, leading to suspicion that Patsys killer was a secret lover no one else knew about. Bob ran his own unsuccessful wax museum which had burned down and the insurance company believed Bob started the fire himself. View contact directory. Email: wdmartin@gptx.org, Major Crimes(homicide, non-family assaults, robberies and kidnapping) The first people Sergeant Gustafson questioned were Patsys sister and brother in law. www.travel.state.gov. Shed been beaten and shot twice in the head. When Steve answered, Patsy said that she needed to talk to Sally. Take time to report the crime! Maybe she used two plates. Patsy was poisoned only ten days before the civil trial began and without her testimony, Bob was able to win the case. Although not officially a suspect in any Washington murders, Green River investigators at one time looked at . James Hartley is a breaking news journalist at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. 4 mill seems insane to us NOW and consider that it would be more than ten mill in 2017 accounting for inflation. Gustafson that Patsy was afraid of Robert. Poynor was questioned about it but disappeared after giving investigators a false name. He learned that her wealth came from the two wax museums she owned with Sally. Her daughter had the guilty face and her sadness was very fake looking. The Grand Prairie Domestic Crimes Unit is assigned to investigate reported incidents of violence among family or household members and intimate partner violence. She left at around 9pm, went to a bar with a friend, and then went home. On the night she died, it appeared that someone had been with Patsy. Various seasons available now on Hulu. Grand Prairie, TX 75052. Fort Worth PD's Cold Cases. Sergeant Jay Gustafson of the Arlington Police Department began to investigate Patsys death as a murder. Your case will be evaluated and if an investigator is able to follow-up on your case you will be contacted. This includes the recovery of latent prints; recovery of shoe, tool and tire impressions; photographing crime scenes; preparing crime scene sketches; collecting, preserving, and transmitting physical evidence, including biological materials; and comparing latent fingerprints and palm prints. People who lie voice Gores up in timber no not me, frequent blinking, plus rummaging though her mothers home and report of strange phone call while she was there. They boarded Patsys horses and received a check from her the day before her death, which they filled out and cashed. According to Sgt. The police noted that she had been away from her house two weeks before her death on a camping trip with Leslie. Why would they thinkbthey would of been able to get there faster n save her over the medics. 2023 Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. Death by strychnine is also very rare. It was a man whom she worked with at the wax museum. It is not known who the woman was or if she had anything to do with Patsys death. Upon arrival, Officers located a male subject, shot multiple times, lying in the roadway of the 200 block of Butter Cup Way. The doors were locked, no windows broken, and no other signs of a break in or a suspect. Theres no evidence he even performed CPR. Immediately northwest of the house signs are very distinct proving where a body still bleeding had been dragged and thrown into the building. Fence posts and wood had been piled inside the house to start the fire. The police believed that either someone close to Patsy put the strychnine in her medicine or she put it in herself. They arrived at the homestead of Joseph Snyder and nephew, Stanley, to find it burned to the ground. Adriannes body was found on Dec. 4, 1995, on a rural county road, less than 12 hours after leaving home the previous nigth. We are not able to go to locations and obtain videos or other evidence on cases that have been reviewed, and then placed on inactive status. He theorized she was killed to scare Patsy after Patsy stumbled onto something sinister at the museum. Richard Knechtel, a Clairmont farmer, was later charged, but Magistrate Percy Belcher dismissed the case. The high school sweethearts had seemed so exemplary in every way high achievers with even higher ambitions. Patsys ex-husband, Robert Cox, was another person questioned by the police. Grand Prairie, TX 75052, Emergency: 911 It was in the early morning of June 20, 1918, that the first bodies were discovered. 2. The museums were not only tourist attractions but also centers of social life in their respective towns. But this was actually because the paramedics were pushing on her chest to try to revive her. Patans throat was cut. Dr. Houts says that, in her professional opinion, it is highly unlikely that Patsy committed suicide or was at high risk for suicide. Unsolved Mysteries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She reportedly feared him and believed he was following her and watching her house. My money is on the Sister and Husband. He used it to enter Patsys bedroom. The dedicated staff at Focus Daily News strives to bring you latest news from our community. The Sisters Husband even used Patsys Lover, with his help, to get to her, to control her, so they offed her. there is no way to tell if he was actually taking mouthfuls of that liquid or not. Sgt. She had been stabbed repeatedly and left bleeding out on her bed - nothing but a dirty knife left in the sink as any evidence. No commercial vehicles/trailers of any kind will be inspected. Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. She says the police asked some questions that were not very comfortable. Thats why she got the alarm system. Patsys windows had been broken sometime before this happened. The autopsy was 8 days after. Dan Lough, a settler, rode his horse to the local Alberta Provincial Police office and told Corporal William Allen that some criminal act may have transpired on his neighbours farm, three miles northwest of Grande Prairie. Later that night, she put on her pajamas and made a late-night snack. He saw her lying on the bed and noticed the lights and television were on. They owned two wax museums worth millions. Phone: 850-385-0600, ext. Download Property Inventory Form(PDF,52KB). Authorities ruled out product tampering or suicide. The Major Crimes Unit investigates both adult and juvenile crimes including criminal homicide, robbery, assault, harassment and missing persons. Philip@redacesproductions.com, ? How had this virulent poison entered Patsys bloodstream? The authorities hope that someone will remember a suspicious sale before Patsys death in October 1987. Same with the plates only Steve noticed them. Since Poyner had a previous arrest for arson, he was looked at as a possible suspect in both the museum fire and Patsys death, but was released due to lack of evidence. He notes that one-way tickets from Mexico to Dallas were found in Poynors home. Most accurate 2021 crime rates for Grand Prairie, TX. Gua sobre las pandillas para los padres (Spanish). Sgt. Sgt. He sometimes used the name Steven Poyner and had three different Social Security numbers. The person Ive mention in the above post also dated Lori Ann Williams who worked at Patsy Wrights wax museum, she also died mysteriously before Patsys death. Smith was also questioned in the 1983 unsolved murder of a 14-year-old girl in Idaho. Sally rode with Patsy in the ambulance to Arlington Memorial Hospital. She was also in the process of buying a thirty-acre ranch in Aledo, Texas. The lab technician checked for 56,000 different foreign substances in Patsys blood samples. Her interview and body language was that of a guilty person. The section is responsible for investigating motor vehicle thefts and related crimes including stolen vehicle recoveries and chop shops with multiple thefts and multiple offenders. And very few of the (enlistees) who were signing up were of Eastern European origin. Nicknames: Patsy U.S. Department of State helps send messages to missing Americans abroad. After Patsys death, there was suspicion that Williams might have been poisoned as well. Provides information to assist operations personnel (patrol and investigative officers) in the identification of specific and immediate crime problems and the arrest of criminal offenders. One day in September 1984, Patsys secretary, twenty-six-year-old Lori Ann Williams, went home sick. The Grand Prairie Domestic Crimes Unit is assigned to investigate reported incidents of violence among family or household members and intimate partner violence. This website uses cookies to personalize your content (including ads), and allows us to analyze our traffic. He spat it out onto the bed and a nearby towel. Although his jobs were low-paying, he was able to live a comfortable lifestyle. She was later taken to the hospital, complaining of severe stomach pains. Evidence found at the scene suggested that another person (not Leo or Robert) was responsible for Patsys death. Further analysis, when necessary, is performed by regional forensic labs, such as the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences at Dallas, or the FBI Laboratory in Washington, D.C. After that, the police said there was evidence linking him to the museum. The Suspect, later identified as a Smith, Rocky Evan, a W/M 24 years of age, fled the scene and then called 911. Details:Forty-three-year-old Patsy Wright died under mysterious circumstances in her Arlington, Texas, bedroom at 3am on October 23, 1987. I believe it was the sister with a backup of the brother in law In looking it up, the sister was in the process of talking patsy into signing a new WILL (behind her husbands back) and was done but not signed in time of her death, to keep the brother in law from getting any inheritance as patsy didnt trust him by her words. The lab technician immediately requested identification. Can I take a message? The caller, however, persisted in wanting to talk to Patsy. She then collapsed while still on the phone. severe thunderstorm watch outline update for ws 180. nws storm prediction center norman ok. 513 pm cdt fri apr 28 2023. severe thunderstorm watch 180 remains in effect . Second, only those close to Patsy knew she had a habit of taking nighttime cold medicine before bed. Their story makes no sense what so ever. Your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Grand Prairie is 1 in 456 and property crime is 1 in 58. Members of TCSO's Cold Case Task Force are asking for the public's help in locating family members for dozens of unsolved cases. This is a list of 40 unsolved killings in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties since 1984, the year officials say the Green River killer stopped murdering young women in the Seattle area. She died ten days before the trial was supposed to begin. Youd think the cops would have taken photos, analyzed the leftover food, etc. A crucial difference separated them, however: Adrianne was 16, while Graham and Zamora were 18 and inseparable as boyfriend and girlfriend. Missing Person Investigator, Ma'u Pahulu Missing Texas boy is likely dead; mom called him evil, possessed, Everman police say, One man dead after shooting in south Fort Worth on Saturday evening, Dallas police release bodycam video of fatal gunfire exchange between officer, civilian, Bystander injured, suspect arrested after Fort Worth police chase ends with crash in Hurst, FBI erroneously identifies Fort Worth man as suspect in Houston-area quintuple homicide, 3 arrested in Fort Worth tried to sell 125,000 fentanyl pills for Sinaloa Cartel, feds say, 1 person killed in shooting at north Fort Worth party in an empty lot early Sunday, Police in White Settlement looking for suspects in attempted vehicle burglary and shooting, Dallas police investigating two separate shooting deaths Saturday; no arrests made yet. At 3am on the morning of Patsys death, Sally and her husband, Steve, were awakened by a frantic phone call from Patsy. It consists in the general animosity towards Germans and Eastern Europeans at the time. Eleven days later, she died. Fortunately, no one was injured. Many people at the time had theories about the murders. janine/Flickr. Email:jguzman@gptx.org, Whitney Martin I didnt have any harsh feelings for Adrianne, but no one could stand between me and Diane.. Bill and Bonnie Alexander were also considered potential suspects. She and Sally were successful businesswomen. If it is ever solved, I suspect that it is someone who, in some way either watched or was watching the night she died. She said the girl deserved it everyone knew the girl was a tramp and a slut.. He also owned a chemical company, which led the police to speculate that he may have had access to strychnine. I still have a lot of information about this case but no one seems very interested. On September 9, 1988, the Wax Museum of the Southwest caught fire and burned down. Zamora, by then a Naval Academy midshipman, told Grand Prairie, Texas, police that when her boyfriend David Graham admitted to having sex with Adrianne, she had flown into hysterics and screamed, Kill her, kill her!. In the event that you are a victim of a property crime, taking the time to record your information now could help you recover your property during an investigation. All of them passed. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Next to her bed were two empty dinner plates on a tray. Tips can be submitted to Grand Prairie Crime Stoppers by calling 972-988-4877 or online at www.GPCrimeStoppers.org. Years later, Patsy was deposed to testify at a civil trial between Bob and an insurance company. Mar 11, 2021 | 7:13 PM. He learned that on the night before her death, she attended a dress rehearsal for a Halloween show at the museum. So they drove there and called the police again. In April 1983, they were married. Gustafson, Robert was offered a polygraph test, but he refused to take it. Nearly all the 40 victims were women, many whose deaths resemble the deaths of the serial killer's victims . By James Wray. Officers recovered a weapon from his vehicle that is believed to have been used in the offense. The female caller asked for Patsy. Her boyfriend at the time, Larry Todd, was also questioned. Authorities felt that if Steve had poisoned Patsy, he would not have used mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to try to save her, taking potentially deadly liquid into his own mouth. She and Sally were supposed to meet about this shortly after her death. At first, Steve thought Patsy was responding to the paramedics revival attempts because he could see the monitor going up and down. Incident Location. Eight days after Patsys memorial service, a routine autopsy was performed. The police speculated that they may have killed her so they could control the wax museums. Poison is usually a choice for a female, and whether that female did it herself or had someone do it for her, this was done by someone with either an known or secret animosity toward Pasty Wright. Analysis data is used to promote a quick response to field situations. On September 24, a man was seen combing through the debris of the museum. In October of 1987, the friends and family of 43-year-old Patsy Bolton Wright mourned her tragic and unexpected death. In the death of Patsy Wright, the Arlington, Texas, authorities faced a puzzling question: How had this dangerous poison entered Patsys bloodstream? SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH. An episode titled "Three Stories" is the latest installment . It is possible that the killer took the keys while visiting Patsy one day and then used them to enter her house. She paid for almost everything, as he gambled away most of his money. Suddenly, the machine showed a violent positive reaction. It wasnt sally or Steve. Patsy, a horseback rider, had just bought three prized Quarter Horses, and she planned to train them herself. Her symptoms were similar to those of arsenic poisoning. Ways to assist in the reduction of auto theft: Ways to assist if your vehicle is stolen: The Auto Theft Unit performs VTR-68-A (VIN Inspections) free of charge for Grand Prairie residents only (with proof of address; no businesses).

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