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Im in the college station area. 42) are also not allowed. 268 likes. $150 each you would need to make sure you have transportation and the correct permits for your state. $400 Los Angeles, California Raccoon Animals Baby raccons for sale $450 Central, South Carolina Raccoon Animals Available Raccoons pups all ready and very friendly xxx-xxx-xxxx $320 Burks Fork, Virginia Raccoon Animals Friendly 12 weeks old Raccoon pups with papers Text xxx-xxx-xxxx $300 Fresno, California Raccoon Animals RACCOONS PUPPY FOR SALE . fields and urban areas, and are often considered to be pests. I am seriously considering getting him one for Christmas. Welcome to Happy Raccoons Home! Thank you, Im in the Dallas Texas area looking for a baby raccoon that I can bottle feed Im willing to drive however far needed. Raccoons have C ODE ch. Adobe PDF Library 10.0 11 week old Male an female Racoon babies, dewormed first set of vaccines, vet checked and captive bred. Looking for a baby raccoon in Delaware area. South Carolina; Clarendon County; ID #69651. The Impact of Sport Raccoon Hunting on Deer Movement and Deer Hunting Sucess. Raccoons are omnivorous and opportunistic feeders. Rabies limits numbers in some areas. The trouble, to begin with, is that in many areas of the country, they are illegal to have as pets. However, other exotic animals may be possessed without a permit or license. Our vet had us rehab them. You might include such ingredients as worms, insects, and other invertebrates along with plant material including fruits. male chocolate $750 Contact us today to see if we have the right animal for you. While the raccoon has a valuable pelt, a large number of hunters pursue the raccoon entirely for sport without intentions of harvesting their quarry. They does come with their cage, accessories, litter, and breeder records. -["H1VZ}|l}T=gO{7! We make sure all babies are well socialized and healthy. We have an acre, decent size home with a pool. webmaster@dnr.sc.gov, ACE Characterization Study Species Gallery, Report 2014-08-25T11:51:43-04:00 Raccoons are great escape artists. Instead, you need to find a veterinarian who specializes in or will treat exotic pets. If youre looking to own a pet raccoon, there are a few things you should know about them. Even those that are raised in captivity can lead wild behavior and should be treated accordingly. They are very intelligent animals and have a good memory and problem-solving abilities. When you purchase your raccoon, try to purchase one that is still being fed with a bottle. It has a conspicuous black mask, and the furred tail is marked with alternating black and gray rings. Gemma Ballinger UK x, Intersted in pet raccoons for sale (any age) anywhere in New England. XMP Media Management Schema Traditional x Traditional Right, Teaching Mel and Emmie how the new toy works, Emmie Lou (Traditional) and Mel (Albino) January 2018, Emmie Lou's First Litter Raccoons can be high-strung if they are raised alone. Of all the pets that are available to people the world over, most never consider a raccoon. They prefer mature woodlands and wetlands, which provide abundant 6 mo sweet baby otter - does not bite! Financing & transport available! will be ready to go next month. They are sometimes limited by the availability of den trees and food, especially local acorn production. Silkie Chickens, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Guinea Pigs. I'm located in MD, Please let me know if you have any baby raccoons and how much they are. Oct 25, 2014 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. FOIA | Privacy Policy | Report We are located in Tennessee and offer black raccoons, grey raccoons, cinnamon raccoons and albino raccoons for purchase. Website: http://thehappygerbil.wordpress.com. InSouth Carolina, raccoons are legally classified as a furbearer and can be taken by hunting or trapping during the open season. The annual mortality rate in South Carolina is estimated at 35%. April 26 (UPI) -- A Toronto man shopping at his local grocery store captured video of an unusual fellow shopper browsing the aisles -- a raccoon. Ironically, many of the reasons that raccoons can make excellent pets for some people are also why they're not a good fit for others. Also about the cost of one? AFFORTABLE PRICES text (, Baby Raccoons pups very friendly .. Raccoons! Www.overthemoonminiranch.com Males, which mature after 2 years, may share a den Hope that helps my fellow Ohioans. We are located in Tennessee and offer black raccoons, grey raccoons, cinnamon raccoons and albino raccoons for purchase. beaches, including those in the ACE Basin, raccoons prey on the eggs of threatened loggerhead sea turtles. The diet also includes a wide variety of plant foods including acorns, berries, and wild grapes. Otters, small primates, Kangaroos, foxes, tenrecs, and many more. ,Y{qQcCa.=gk9q f;tmxf}j*;f]m2lh8oPt.HzUHCG$]wj9/QPjx9q}K~Q+C>9I food sources and shelter. I live in Canada but really want a pet raccoon. located in Arkansas. higher along coastal areas than inland. I have been longing to raise one for a few years and follow all the raccoon owners social media page. Listings. Do you have any babies or any coming up? Fax: 803-734-6020, Phone Numbers | Accessibility | Looking for a young racoon still needing to be bottle fed to grow & bond within our family? Pick up only in Saint Augustine, Florida. Me and my boyfriend(who loves raccoons) are from Ohio and are looking for a baby pet raccoon. them for approximately 9 months. Text They measure 22-25 cm (9-10 in) tall at the shoulder, 70-100 . I have 3 baby raccoons just about to start weaning and we are working on potty training them. Yk$4A#AoBPX%*pTb"D?EHoK.80Dto}I"b|Og9Ht{hyjLw1$TB;F.2cN_+,1Y"gE{7|IH^)Z <1z6WM%7yY3EgsM'e~e8Q_MbtV_>XRbbO\EKB15zV0$BU}HZt}P]Nw;iWG*\+s7/ pN!=1z Bc lB>1A[1[|pU`&c-#*FRN4>aR03"~g&>2 lVSx@0];< V". If what you have is less esoteric, you might want to look out for Grain-free dog food is a good staple food to give daily to your pet raccoon but you need to supplement the kibble with poultry, fish, or eggs along with a large amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole prey items such as mice. The conversion of hardwoods to monoculture pines, the destruction of streamside timber, and development of coastal islands have reduced raccoon numbers in some areas. Hell i'm interested in finding a pet raccoon to love and give a great home to. They will often choose someplace else, but just like a cat once that place has been found, the evidence should be removed and cleaned thoroughly, and their attention returned to the box as quickly as possible. https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx , im looking for a baby raccoon in el paso. They measure 22-25 cm (9-10 Raccoons have brownish to gray fur on the rest of the body. year. turtle-nest depredation can be a severe problem on barrier islands. Waste or Abuse to SC Inspector General. part 2- 8 Wk Fennec Fox females $2800 ea. Populations are highest along the coast and decline steadily inland. When they do you need to correct them like they were a dog, it just takes patience. two to four pups in a hollow den tree. Hunting regulations. Raccoons occupy a variety of habitats but are mostly associated with aquatic areas. Unfortunately, there are no approved rabies vaccines for exotic pets. Please help, Is there any raccoons breeders to sale here in the state of Alabama. At Frazier Farms Exotics of Tennesseewe have raccoons for sale. 2014-08-25T11:51:45-04:00 During the winter months acorns may compose as much as 50% of the diet. In the ACE Basin, raccoons are found near wetlands, including tidal The oldest recorded wild raccoon in the state was 13 years old. raccoon for sale raccoon for sale $500.00 (Fixed) Posted September 14, 2020 - Views 11266 Description Price : $500.00 (Fixed) Type : Sell Date : September 14, 2020 Condition : Baby Location : Salt Lake City, UT, USA Intelligent and tamed home trained Raccoon pups. Premium. Its legal to own a pet raccoon in the following states: Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Most adult raccoons require two meals per day but consult with a veterinarian for advice on feeding them. pdfaid Fish and Wildlife's Lacey Act (18 U.S.C. South Carolina looking for a Raccoon pup! and suburban areas. More Less. The bottom line is that they will eat whatever is available, whenever it is available. Applicable statutes are listed in parentheses at the end of each section of this brochure. Very prepared to give plenty of care! It is important to remember that raccoons will overeat if allowed to do so. A DMIN. Both Blondes. My mom had one named Cricket growing up and I'm named after him. Traditional x Albino babies, Post bath sunbathing and play time substantially heavier than females. or visit our websit Recent raccoon population growth has increased the threat of rabies from wild animals If price isnt suitable lets talk! I did find them to be more cuddle bugs. They are just two babi.. #283703. . NO SH 4 month old Raccoon various colors not tame. The raccoon is greatly abundant and is the most commonly commercialized furbearer in the state. 1 0 obj <>/Metadata 2 0 R/Outlines 5 0 R/OutputIntents 6 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 3 0 R/StructTreeRoot 7 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream P. O. Breed Raccoon Location 1522 Medford Dr, Charlotte, NC 28205, USA Price $300 Displayed 14,758 Views 4,271 Interests 37 Contact Seller Browse Premium Listings Premium 3 Healthy and Happy Ferrets For Sale $600 North Carolina Gastonia Ferret Looking to buy $300 North Carolina Shelby Raccoon Male Raccoon for sale $1,000 Georgia Kennesaw Raccoon population control. Raccoons are great climbers, and whatever you put him in he will get out of. Can I own a pet raccoon? Please login to manage saved searches ads. Preferred foods include crayfish, crabs, shellfish, reptiles, Name: Dwayne Aldridge. These are also known as bank-owned or real estate owned (REO). We love animals! Want baby racoon or opossum willing to pay. Posted: 04/03/2022. Acrobat PDFMaker 10.1 for Word They do, however, often get into mischief. All Rights Reserved. We had one since he was a ba. $3000. Raccoons commonly feed on crayfish, clams, frogs, salamanders, snails, and turtles. Iam looking for a baby raccoon I am in Tennessee o have had 1 before and know what it takes thet are the best babies !!! Raccoons are monogamous and breed primarily in late winter (January and February) after their first or second inedible matter in its food, and wetting its paws enhances its sense of touch. (Adobe PDF) Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. Raccoons inhabit most of the United States, including all of South Carolina, with population densities being We are a family-owned business that specializes in breeding and selling raccoons as pets. The good news is that raccoons can be very friendly, if properly raised. are you guys shipping to my country? Hunting season varies by game zone and even has an established season for running dogs. Columbia, South Carolina. derived from the Algonquin Indian word "aroughcoune," meaning "he scratches with his hands." They should be provided with a box filled with litter and told that that is where they do their business. Most adult raccoons require two meals per day but consult with a veterinarian for advice on feeding them. Just as is the case with many exotic animals, most veterinarians won't treat them. Webster, W.D., J.F. throughout the country. They are just two babies left .I am asking affordab.. Raccoon, South Carolina Inman Show More Raccoon Animals Active Listings Raccoon Animals All Listings Raccoon Animals Photos Raccoon Animals Videos There are 15 states where pet raccoons are legal: Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Authors My gliders are handled daily and very spoiled. I do not colony breed and I do have lineage on my colored gliders. store.foxvalleynutrition.com/day-one-4025, https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/managing-resources/wildlife/disease/raccoon-roundworm-baylisascaris, docs.google.com/document/d/1z1dA4Qu6OibuHyD_76tO_Z8WEyAKjj-9WGRlZpdSgeU/edit?usp=sharing. looking to adapt a baby raccon in Austin texas. Had since newborn. Great with other pets and kids, tame and playful. Injurious species under the U.S. As a bonus, raccoons can break through latches and other secured areas if they so desire, hence why they have a masked bandit reputation.. I have Siberian Husky puppies,CKC registered,blue eyes,1st shots,dewormed,born March 7th,.. Hello I have been trying to find a raccoon pup it seems Kost are scams. Available Raccoons pups all ready and very friendly , Friendly 12 weeks old Raccoon pups with papers Text, Raccoon puppies pet for sale Text or call, RACCOONS PUPPY FOR SALE . Baby breeder raccoons for sale bottle fed ready for there forever homes call or text for more info thanks again txt deb at 2605685323. The common name "raccoon" is 1966. Contact, Lovely and health Racoons pups for sale Text, Home trained Raccoon pups for sale message, 11 weeks of age raccoon puppies available, kindly contact for more inf, Raccoon puppies ready now just two left Text, Raccoons puppy for sale . They are just two babies left .I am asking affordable prices for both babies . Alex Chow said he was at the Loblaws store near . Waste or Abuse to SC Inspector General | If you would like to be added to the exotic animals breeder directory, complete the exotic animals breeder form. I would like to see if you have any available for sale. Raccoons eat both meat and plants. That is, raccoons are very intelligent little creatures, and they have great memories and problem-solving skills. Spartanburg County, Pickens County, Horry County, Raccoon For Sale in Spartanburg County (1). Our captive bred, hand raised animals make excellent pets and are sought after ambassador animals in petting zoos across the US and internationally. They can be a lot like a puppy or ferret: affectionate and playful. Phone: 864-608-2028 Website: www.Paytonshedgehogquills.com Address: 505 Waxford Way, Simpsonville. Baker, O.E., Carmichael, D. Breck, South Carolina Furbearers. while others harvest raccoons for their pelts. Raccoons are also naturally nocturnal, so a closed box that is filled with soft bedding is best. South Carolina mammals. When your raccoon is very young he should be put into his bed with something warm. Raccoons will scavenge on carrion and often invade household garbage. I have my raccoons puppies for sale . They love to explore. Make sure this enclosure has a roof. Predators such as bobcat and great horned owls take juvenile raccoons. Please contact me if you have baby pups bottle fed ready to go and is available for pickup. Browse through lots for sale in Clarendon County, SC. Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. Home / Raccoon For Sale Raccoon For Sale Showing all 15 results Monty - Male $ 600.00 $ 300.00 View Pet Teddy - Male $ 600.00 $ 300.00 View Pet Flint - Male $ 600.00 $ 300.00 View Pet Indiana - Female $ 600.00 $ 300.00 View Pet Joey - Female $ 600.00 $ 300.00 View Pet Smokey - SOLD! Due to the rare size of our teacup piglets for sale, we may only have a handful of mini piglets available at any given time. webmaster@dnr.sc.gov, The Impact of Sport Raccoon Hunting on Deer Movement and Deer Hunting Sucess, Report Please please please! Raccoon hunting and trapping are popular sports in South Carolina. UUID based identifier for specific incarnation of a document Have 12 acres in the country. The most important thing to remember about getting a raccoon is that they are wild animals. For this reason you should provide them with a box or some other bedding area. Thanks.View Detail, I have my raccoons puppies for sale . We breed ringtail lemers ,Patagonian cavy, peacocks all colors, rheas,blackbuck antelope,kinkajous and raccoons. Perhaps the best way to get your feet wet with a raccoon as a pet is to purchase one from a breeder. In Arkansas, a person cannot own more than five at a time. We started our journey in 2014 with a passion for these unique and fascinating animals, and since then we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the healthiest and happiest raccoons possible. fuller and of a darker color. Hello we are a small breeder of baby hedgehogs!!! Keeping Stoats (Short-tailed Weasel)/Ermines as Pets. Hey all! Financing & shipping available! Babies have started being born and will be coming up before you know it, reserve yours today! Adobe Reader is required to open these files and is available as a free download from the Adobe Web site. Some of the files above are provided in the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. My fianc has mentioned several times he would like to have a pet raccoon. You must obtain all raccoons within state borders since importing raccoons into South Carolina is illegal. Providing friendly, healthy gerbils in fun colors! hunting pressure on raccoons declined and raccoon populations increased. Range I have standard gray, white face blondes, leucistic, and mosiacs.My Gliders have lineage and hace been entered in to the database Please contact me for pictures and prices.. Browse search results for pet raccoons Pets and Animals for sale in North Carolina. I drove almost cross country for a special breed dog idc where I have to drive so dont worry about my location. Is it legal in south carolina to own a pet raccoon. internal Name: Panhandle Exotics Posted: 04/05/2023 Phone: 850-542-4410 Email: Email Seller Location: Florida Website: www.PanhandleExotics.com Trusted Seller Babies have started being born and will be coming up before you know it, reserve yours today! Hey yall! I live in dunnellon (near Ocala). We are in New Hampshire but willing to travel anywhere in the Northeast depending on what is available. Raccoons exotic animals for sale in South Carolina AnimalsSale found Raccoons exotic animals for sale in South Carolina near you, which meet your criteria Find exotic animals near me Category Pet type Zip Code FAQ Is it legal to own a Raccoons in South Carolina State? Your raccoon's diet varies widely. We are a small family owned business. Simply use the promo code above if checking out onl We are now accepting deposits for baby raccoons for the 2023 season! Baby raccoons. In Florida its legal to buy a raccoon from a licensed beeder. Dont have children, all grown. Looking for a very young light colored to albino coon. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! A raccoon that is treated like any other house pet is a bored raccoon, one that will find himself in trouble a lot. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources - Rembert C. Dennis Building NO - I do NOT have any babies available. Jay Butfiloski - Furbearer Project Supervisor, SCDNR Furbearer Project 1000 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201 A Parnell, and W.C. Biggs. ! Any info would be appreciated im in Texas. Intelligent and tamed home trained Raccoon pups. Raccoon pelts from the Piedmont and Exotic pets such as raccoons, foxes, skunks, bobcats, coyotes, wolves, wolf dogs, weasels, civet cats, spotted skunks, lynx, and bears most definitely can become infected and carry rabies. Reserve yours today with just 1/2 SEMI-RETIRING! Pair of 2 year old adult raccoons, proven. 6 month old racoon needs new home has been vaccinated neutered, BABY RACCOON PETS AVAILABLE . 1980. If you live in Alabama and did not obtain a permit before January 13th, 2021, you are not allowed to own a variety of exotic animals including Giant African Land Snails, most non-native wildlife like bobcats, black bears, foxes, and raccoons, and venomous reptiles. Text Fur Harvest Hunting and Trapping are provided in the Fur Harvest Brochure which is a summary of the state statutes regarding the commercial harvest of furbearers. W We have 2 adorable Raccoons left for this year! $500 RACCOONS PUPPY FOR SALE . Before you even consider getting a pet raccoon, you must make sure it is legal to own on in your state. Even if you have a fenced in yard, it is good to keep your raccoon inside of an enclosed pen with a top on it. We had 2 males and 1 female. The species name lotor, We provide raccoon kits for sale that have been bred and raised in a TWRA state and USDA federally licensed facility. east african crowned cranes,exotic waterfowl and pheasants,aoudad sheep,Ibex goats,quail and doves, Address: 2325 hampton rd.wellford,s.c.29385. Description Hiya, Im really interested in getting a pet raccoon, but I live in Wales/UK and dont know where to start looking to get 1 so does anybody know how to help me please? For example, in North Carolina, a vet must approve the animal before it is brought into the state. Raccoons exist throughout the United States except in desert areas. can you let me know what your procees to adapt one as a pet. During certain seasons of the year raccoons invade agricultural fields to feed on corn, watermelons, and peanuts and can cause some damage. They can be litter-box trained with a little patience. 2 ferrets for sale $300 South Carolina Inman Ferret. Raccoons love to play. During the 1970s and 1980s, raccoons comprised 60% to 80% of the They are raised in my home with parents . They are infamous predators of bird nests, particularly waterfowl. Ive had 2 and the passed away a long time ago and i want another one. %PDF-1.4 % South Carolina Department of Natural Resources - Rembert C. Dennis Building male or female black and white $600 each South Carolina supports a relatively high raccoon population that provides a lot of recreation for sportsmen. I strive to raise quality and healthy animals! Though populations statewide are high, local populations may fluctuate because of distemper outbreaks and annual weather conditions that affect acorn production. Part of PDF/A standard Raccoons are messy eaters too. Whitaker, J.O. Check us out on facebook lentz exotic pets. The easiest way to obtain a raccoon in South Carolina is to trap one in the wild. 503, 110 are prohibited from private ownership except if the animal was in possession prior to February 28, 1994. proverbs 12:1 nkjv,

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