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Appointments are required.Tuesday Friday. Charity Navigator looks to confirm on the Form 990 that the organization has these governance practices in place. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, which is funded by the Diocesan Services Fund (DSF), helps people in southeast Texas by providing caring, compassionate services and advocating for social justice in collaboration with parishes and communities. A diversion of assets any unauthorized conversion or use of the organization's assets other than for the organization's authorized purposes, including but not limited to embezzlement or theft can seriously call into question a charity's financial integrity. Include on any charity websites that solicit contributions, the same information that is recommended for annual reports, as well as the mailing address of the charity and electronic access to its most recent IRS Form 990. The following information is based on Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese Galveston-Houston's Audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. Catholic Charities staff of social service providers is highly experienced in helping people in crisis. We calculate the charity's average expenses and average contributions over its three most recent fiscal years. Catholic Charities has proven expertise in emergency response during times of disaster such as the COVID-19 pandemic and our ongoing mission. Charles Pavlovsky Director of Human Resources 713-659-5461 HR Staff Contacts Office Location: Downtown Chancery 1700 San Jacinto Houston, TX 77002 Inviting All to Become One In Christ Some of these are program specific, while others, called single audits, look at the entire organization. They should be prepared by an independent accountant with oversight from an audit committee. We leverage finance and accountability data from it to form Encompass ratings. Accuracy of Expenses in Financial Statements: Standard 13. Submit to the organization's governing body, for its approval, a written report that outlines the results of the aforementioned performance and effectiveness assessment and recommendations for future actions. Hotline: 713-526-4611Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston provides a comprehensive network of social services aimed at promoting and facilitating self-sufficiency. All rights reserved. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2023, Statement on the Passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Office of Adolescent Catechesis and Evangelization, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Safe Environment Policy, St. Dominic Village Senior Care Community, What Does Catholic Charities Do? The percentage each beacon contributes to the organizations overall rating depends on the number of beacons an organization has earned. A copy of this report has been shared with the organization Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston DONATE A VEHICLE Easy Process | Free Towing | Tax Benefits Give Today CALL Call 866-915-GIVE (4483) or submit the online form. Description Unfortunately, not everyone who applied received funds. Description Address: 2900 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas, 77006 2022, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. We calculate the charity's average expenses over its three most recent fiscal years. As we help relieve the overwhelming stress that comes from the lack of basic needs, those in crisis are better able to work towards self-sufficiency. Give the page a little longer to finish We calculate the charity's average total expenses over its three most recent fiscal years. A Client Response team member will further research your concern and contact you to resolve this issue. About Us Our Cathedrals Our Bishops Charity Navigator looks to confirm on the Form 990, or for some metrics on the charity's website, that the organization makes this information easily accessible. Houston - Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. We check the charity's Form 990 reporting to see if it meets this criteria. We routinely help more than 100,000 people in need each year through our network of social service programs. Galveston-Houston programs nurture and care for children through childrens shelters, They offer support and opportunities that empower people and communities to grow and thrive. People of faith helping people in need achieve self-sufficiency and live with dignity. For the year ended June 30, 2021, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese Galveston-Houston program expenses were: Ms. Cynthia Nunes Colbert, President & CEO, Ms. Gretchen Martinez Penny, Owner/President, Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation. recovery programs. Description If the report is When total annual gross income exceeds $1 million, these statements should be audited in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese Galveston-Houston meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability. If you have used our data or site in your research or reporting, add credit and a link to Nonprofit Explorer in your story or publication and let us know. Every organization that has been recognized as tax exempt by the IRS has to file Form 990 every year, unless they make less than $200,000 in revenue and have less than $500,000 in assets, in which case they have to file form 990-EZ. Avoid accumulating funds that could be used for current program activities. Accurately report the charity's expenses, including any joint cost allocations, in its financial statements. Services include primary care, specialty care, vision, dental care, and more. We provide a comprehensive network of social services to the disadvantaged Founded in 1943, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston's mission is to help people in southeast Texas by providing caring, compas See more 8,117 people like this Nonprofit organizations that spend $750,000 or more in Federal grant money in a fiscal year are required to submit an audit covering their finances and compliance. If this organization aligns with your passions and values, you can give with confidence. This charity's score is 92%, earning it a Four-Star rating. The amounts do not include nontaxable benefits, deferred compensation, or other amounts not reported on Form W-2. children. for vulnerable seniors who are alone with no or limited means of support. Your household must be located in Harris County. Current CEO and Board Chair can be found in the Leadership & Adaptability report below. Fundraising expenses can include campaign printing, publicity, mailing, and staffing and costs incurred in soliciting donations, memberships, and grants. This overall score is calculated entirely from a single beacon score, weighted as follows:100% Accountability & Finance. Applications can only be submitted through community partners - or EIP Community Partners - that are located throughout Houston and Harris County. Dividing these net available assets in the most recent year by a charity's average total expenses, yields the working capital ratio. In some cases, these amounts may include compensation from related organizations. Applications may be processed in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. We participate in activities of social justice, support the good works of persons in other countries and we do all this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Giving Basket is having some issues. This ratio is an indicator of an organizations solvency and or long term sustainability. We also promote social justice, serving as a voice for the poor and vulnerable. (More) Rating Information Great assistance. Address. Description We compute the average annual growth of program expenses using the following formula: [(Yn/Y0)(1/n)]-1, where Y0 is a charity's program expenses in the first year of the interval analyzed, Yn is the charity's program expenses in the most recent year, and n is the interval of years passed between Y0 and Yn. Houston - Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Charity Navigator looks to confirm on the Form 990, or for some metrics on the charity's website, that the organization has these policies in place. Frequency and Attendance of Board Meetings: Standard 3. Harris County partnered with Catholic Charities as the administrator for $60 million in emergency financial assistance to help Harris County residents who are experiencing financial distress as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. for those impacted by natural disasters. Presented here are this organizations key compensated staff members as identified by our analysts. She takes care of her parents - both in their 80s So much of our future lies in preserving our past. - Peter Westbrook Participants in the Women Veteran Programs will Lucinda is no stranger to hardship. People of all faiths helping people in need. (BMF activity code: 030), Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) (BMF foundation code: 15), Subordinate - the organization is a subordinate in a group ruling. Factors that will be considered when concluding whether or not a related party transaction constitutes a conflict of interest and if such a conflict is material, include, but are not limited to: any arm's length procedures established by the charity; the size of the transaction relative to like expenses of the charity; whether the interested party participated in the board vote on the transaction; if competitive bids were sought and whether the transaction is one-time, recurring or ongoing. Description There are 27 nonprofit designations based on the numbered subsections of section 501(c) of the tax code. Catholic Charities is looking for the right people; people who wish to serve their community as a part of a family friendly organization doing good within the Houston-Galveston area. ), Grant proposals, Internet, Planned giving arrangements. Learn more about our programs and services and how you help Catholic Charities make an impact on thousands of lives in the Greater Houston area every year. For households located within Harris County that meet eligibility requirements, Funds may be used for emergency expenses such as healthcare, rent, utilities, food, internet connectivity, transportation and childcare. All Rights Reserved. To meet this standard, the charity's unrestricted net assets available for use should not be more than three times the size of the past year's expenses or three times the size of the current year's budget, whichever is higher. Share your prayer with us and we will pray for you. No matter what storm comes our way, Catholic Charities will be here for the long term to help our community rebuild and recover. We will evaluate the eligibility of each applicant for the Harris County funds and make timely decisions to get emergency funds to qualified families as quickly as possible. We provide response coordination and short-term and long-term recovery services to individuals and families dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and other catastrophes. notice. Address: 2900 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas, 77006 Phone: 713.526.4611 R EIN: 74-1109733 Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Quick Links About Us News Calendar Jobs Useful Links Need Help? This measure reflects the percent of its total expenses a charity spends on the programs and services it exists to deliver. From Tuesday 5:00PM - 7:00PM Thursday 9:00AM - 12:00PM Reminder: Bring a form of ID. Applicants were being randomly selected from the pool of applicants who applied for help, but did not receive any, from the Harris County COVID-19 Relief Fund direct assistance program, conducted earlier this summer. Your donation attempt encountered a problem. Beacon of Hope Center Galveston4700 Broadway, Suite B-101Galveston, Texas We also link to copies of audits nonprofit organizations that spent $750,000 or more in Federal grant money in a single fiscal year since 2016. Have a board policy of assessing, no less than every two years, the organization's performance and effectiveness and of determining future actions required to achieve its mission. We are looking forward to seeing you at this special celebration and cant thank you enough for your generous support. Respond promptly to and act on complaints brought to its attention by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance and/or local Better Business Bureaus about fundraising practices, privacy policy violations and/or other issues. Hotline: 7137418234Society of St. Vincent de Paul Galveston-Houston is a grassroots, volunteer-based, direct aid organization that helps people in need get back on their feet. A charity should also be able to substantiate that the timing and nature of its expenditures are in accordance with what is stated, expressed, or implied in the charity's solicitations. Spending should be no more than 35% of related contributions on fundraising. The Harris County funds were distributed in two rounds. The existence of a privacy policy of any type does not prohibit the charity itself from contacting the donor for informational, educational, or solicitation purposes. Make sure your trunk is empty. Not more than one or 10% (whichever is greater) directly or indirectly compensated person(s) serving as voting member(s) of the board. Founded in 1943, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston's mission is to help people in southeast Texas by providing caring, compassionate services and advocating for social. Description Charity in Action Awards Recognize Faithful Support for Catholic Charities Mission Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston presented its annual Charity in Action Awards to a parish, an individual and an organization for outstanding support through From the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops. Catholic Charities is a sign of God's love and compassion in the community. The application will be open enrollment applicants can apply anytime online between Nov. 2 and Nov. 6 and there is no need for them to all rush to apply on Nov. 2 (this is not a first-come, first-served program). Taxable trusts and private foundations that are required to file a form 990PF are also included. ), and families can apply on their own without cooperation from a landlord or anyone else. Dividing a charity's average administrative expenses by its average total functional expenses yields this percentage. Detailed Functional Breakdown of Expenses: Standard 12. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston insights Based on 21 survey responses What people like Clear sense of purpose Ability to learn new things Time and location flexibility Poor management Employee Relations Manager (Former Employee) - Houston, TX - September 29, 2021 Poor management. If you wish to donate, please refresh the page. We recognize that not all metrics and beacons equally predict a charitys success. Catholic Charities - Food and Basic Needs Assistance1-866-649-5862, Christus Our Daily Bread For the homeless in Galveston409-765-6971, Catholic Charities - Disaster Recovery1-866-649-5862, St. Vincent de Paul Society - Disaster Assistance713-741-8234, Project RachelEnglish: 713-741-8728Spanish: 713-440-3441, Pregnancy Services (Catholic Charities)1-866-649-5862, Juvenile Justice Ministry (Special Youth Services)713-741-8739, Refugee Services (Catholic Charities)1-866-649-5862, St. Frances Cabrini Center for Immigration Legal Assistance(Catholic Charities)1-866-649-5862, HIV/AIDS Services (Catholic Charities)1-866-649-5862Deaf Ministry713-741-8721TDD 713-741-4457Health Care for the Uninsured (San Jose Clinic)713-228-9411Counseling Services (Catholic Charities)1-866-649-5862, Archdiocesan Office of Aging713-741-2615Services to Aging and Frail Elderly (Catholic Charities)1.866.649.5862St. virtual field trip force and motion, jefferson county police log,

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