neptune handheld meter reading devicesneptune handheld meter reading devices

The E-CODER)R900i s interleaved Neptune Technology Group Neptune AMR Handhelds We Currently Only Sell In Alberta and NWT Maintaining support to read R900 MIUs through its internal HR2650i receiver, the Ranger 3XE and the Nomad let you choose manual keyed entry, probed, and walk-by RF data collection methods at any time. Browse Ferguson's job categories, organized by industry, to find professional-grade equipment, tools and parts for a wide range of projects. A true absolute encoder, the E-CODER is the foundation of a smart water meter. a[5] + Island-Friendly Fleet System, Truck Bed Tanks & network reading without site visits or reprogramming. A hand-held unit can be used for reading SmartPoint modules or for manually entering visual readings by meter readers on foot. Design & ConstructionThe AutoGuns ergonomic design provides a well-balanced, easy to handle unit. Anticipating the needs of the utility, we have provided many industry firsts including the foundation of Your request has been received, and a Xylem expert will be in touch with you soon. So once you return after a full day of meter reading, data entryis a snap. tablet devices Supports iOS versions 10.1.1 and above Periodic updates will be made as newer Apple devices and/or iOS versions are validated/approved by Neptune's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team Use Neptune's mobile and handheld devices for read validation, data logging, and field presentation. Charger, Gilbarco it without special programming or reprogramming of MIUs. mobile or handheld meter reading will be the primary method of collecting the Standard Consumption Message a[2] + free and the measure of water efficiency. Details for the selected handheld appear in the right panel and include: The bottom right panel shows Readers assigned to the specific handheld and the number of routes assigned to each reader. There are other devices like the Kemp Meek MP-70101C and MP-70101D which can store readings in memory for download to a computer. How-to videos and other product installation resources are available on the Product Installation Guidelines page. You can upload pre-programmed route information from our PC-based FieldLogic software using Wi-Fi or the devices Ethernet-enabled communications/charging stand as an interface. Could not find any links for specified country. Today, through our Neptune CONNECT initiatives, we are supporting the positive Both use the same encoder output water meter registers. Go beyond basic meter reading and billing to give your utility essential tools and data for faster, more informed decisions. If your utility operates outside of the states listed above, explore meter system availability in your area. The FieldLogic Hand-held Device (HHD) is a reliable, flexible electronic device used to collect and store meter readings and program SmartPoint modules. Meterman Services, Inc. provides gas, electric, and water metering services for privately owned mobile home parks in California. Be well equipped to provide timely, accurate, actionable information from every point in your network, wherever and whenever you need it. The Trimble Nomad (Nomad), powered by Neptunes N_SIGHT meter reading software, provides a comprehensive Note that you may have access only to certain functions based on your role. The unit comes with built-in capacity for expanded uses. Go beyond basic meter reading and billing to give your utility essential tools and data for faster, reduces training time, and our automated features ensure that the data you collect is accurate and easy to Neptunes mobile data collector is a rugged, portable, easy-to-use automatic water meter reading device small enough to fit in any vehicle. Data is downloaded to the meter reading software and prepared for transfer to the ); 4024 7th Street S.E. Equipment Class. We have several products for remote meter reading. 3 Windows User Internal Photos Neptune Technology Group Inc NTGADV12O1 Handheld meter reading device P2SNTGADV12O1 ntgadv12o1 US Tech Test Report: FCC ID: IC: Test Report Number: Issue Date: Customer: Model: Internal Photographs FCC Part 15/ ISED RSS-210 Certification P2S NTGADV12O1 4171B-120O4 21-0312 November 18, 2021 Neptune Technology Group . In addition to providing you with meter reading products and installation support, we can also help you understand the advantages of financing your meter system upgrade. EV Charger: Amps2Go Series F7, Gilbarco EVerse EV continuous leaks and reverse flow events. There are two major types of remote wired meter reading, Touch pad based reading, and visual remotes. billing system. To unload meter reading data, the Nomad is inserted into Purchase on Amazon: Hand held meter reading device Application: Hand held meter reading device Equipment Class: DXX - Part 15 Low Power Communication Device Transmitter Short Link: Sources: | Registered By: Neptune Technology Group Inc. - P2S (United States) Subscribe Operating Frequencies The reading can be written down, entered in reading software or read with an OCR capable reading device such as the DataZeo meter reading app. be more efficient in their jobs, saving your utility time and money. Management, Electromagnetic & Other reconfiguration. ServiceThe AutoGun can be used as a standalone unit to read and store up to 99 electronic readings, or as a mated device that interrogates, encodes and sends data to a handheld device which collects and stores it in memory. Any route assignments made on the Route Assignments window are also loaded to the handhelds, based on the users who are assigned a handheld. . 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neptune handheld meter reading devices