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2022 Kentucky primary election results: Get the latest updates here. Updated January 2023: By searching, you agree to the Terms of Use, andPrivacy Policy. The hotline is open during regular business hours and from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Eastern time)on Election Day. They say the system is the most impactful proven solution to the underlying problems that currently result in hyperpolarization and dysfunction, and point to past and present use of ranked-choice systems to make that argument. 0000000958 00000 n 16816 San Jose St has residential single family zoning. Parrish-Wright,a co-chair of the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and manager of the Louisville Bail Project, had received 22% of votes. 0000002743 00000 n 20% of Philadelphias federal housing subsidies expire in the next decade. There was a rush early in the morning right when the polls opened at 6 a.m., but since then, it has felt slow. @courierjournal #ElectionDay2022 pic.twitter.com/JTKNFJVeJW. Amendment 2: An amendment calling to eliminate the right to an abortion in Kentucky if passed. Jasmine Burns, 26, a crime analyst from the West End, said she thought voter turnout would be higher at this time of day. OXL"J b=yfl In a hearing on April 15, federal prosecutors revealed further details about Browns case, including his gun purchase history and web search history for Greenbergs home and business addresses. IndyStar has more information about Young's projected win. 171 11 This Beautiful house has fantastic curb appeal with mature landscaping in the front and back yard. Based on the chatter on Philly politics Twitter, this is not a big surprise. Taylor believes his life has presented him with challenges that many Louisville residents face daily, which uniquely qualifies him to relate to their concerns and motivates him to fix them. "Its tough to lose but I truly feel we won. In another race of note, incumbent Circuit Court Judge Mary Shaw was defeated in her race by Tracy Evette Davis. Make it easy to keep up-to-date with more stories like this. ", "We can't afford to lose another year of somebody trying to learn how to steer the ship," Dieruf said. ft. house located at 18216 San Jose St, Northridge, CA 91326 sold for $425,000 on Mar 28, 1989. Email tips@billypenn.com, The unscientific survey is for learning about ranked-choice voting, and not for anything else.. You can thank their relatives for recruiting Dr. J to the 76ers. @ Long Beach, & a Master of Educ. 0000000016 00000 n The Last Dragon, named for a 1985 kung-fu movie, is envisioned as a corner store franchise in neighborhoods around Philly. She was right in and out with the short lines. fired shots at him inside the campaigns Butchertown office in February. The results page on the online poll also helpfully walks you through some key terms associated with ranked-choice elections, like exhausted ballots., Love Philly? The deadline to submit those ballots, Adams noted, is 6 p.m., the same time polls close. Bill Dieruf - Louisville, KY, Republican Mayoral Candidate, 2022 Mayor Bill Dieruf is in his 12th year as Mayor of the City of Jeffersontown, where he has overseen a police department, public works, an economic development authority, parks and recreation, and all other city services. City Hall. It didn't take her long to make her voice heard. @lpr f*H`iumXi~CNPT8! & Woman in Leadership Committee, as well as the KY. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation. 9 min read. And because of Philadelphias 7 to 1 political party imbalance, whoever wins the Democratic nomination is widely expected to win in November. Mayor Greg Fischer is serving his third and final term as mayor. Nope, another fake Citizen alert, Quick bites: What to eat and drink around Philly this weekend, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. 's. Those who picked the eliminated candidate still have a say, as their second-choice candidate or third, fourth, fifth-choice, etc., based on who they picked receives their vote in the next round of tallying. Voters at Paroquet Springs and Eastside may be in for a wait, according to the Board of Elections, which would not estimate how long lines may be. Mooney said he heard some voters say they waited two hours and others say they waited 30 minutes. ", "We've brought every piece of equipment in the county in," he said, "We even borrowed two from Hardin County.". In 2015, Gwen started as Pres./CEO of The Historic Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY. She is JUST its 6th leader in almost 200 yrs. According to a Kentucky Registry of Election Finance filing earlier this month, Greenbergs campaign reported taking in over $1.4 million in donations and spending roughly $1.2 million during the campaign, more than all of his competitors combined. Totals for the GOP are 155,102, or about 46%. These are also the two candidates whove won endorsements from organizations that are highly active on social media themselves, from various open wards to progressive political groups like Reclaim Philadelphia and the Working Families Party. Considered the largest 10-miler in the country, the race down the center of Philadelphia has been around more than 40 years. Down the block from Meyzeek Middle School stood AdamMcIntyre, a resident of the New Cut neighborhood in Southwest Louisville, with a shirt over his sweatshirt that reads Teachers for Porter and a sign that says Re-elect Diane Porter, who's running for Jefferson County School Board. Oldham County Clerk Amy Alvey was not immediately available for comment when The Courier Journal reached out. The lines are longer, and there are more "solicitors" at the polls in Chicago, Wood said. Timothy Findley Jr. (D), founder and senior pastor of Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center Enlarge Timothy Findley Jr. is a 2022 candidate for Louisville mayor. Hal Rogers will return to office after winning reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives, according to The Associated Press, which called his race against Democrat challenger Conor Halbleib. Roofing is a composition metal roof. +D~IZx8,,$blE;2)"-mbbUKl He renegotiated the debt, paid it off 11 years early, saved $1 million in interest, and did not raise taxes to do it. Advertisement Pike, a long-time city council. MoxieMoments brings you Mary Haynes', President and CEO, Nazareth Home, the best piece of advice. He detailed his goal to attract more officers using their track record in the Louisville suburb. He earned his bachelors degree in accounting from the University of Kentucky. Updated: 11:21 PM EDT May 17, 2022. Louisville has not elected a Republican as mayor since 1965, when Kenneth Schmied took office. The line was still moving smoothly at the Beechmont Community Center, one of dozens of polling locations around Jefferson County. number you provided, including marketing by autodialer and prerecorded and artificial voice, and The Cincinnati Enquirer has more information about Massie's win. JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) - The city of Jeffersontown, home to roughly 30,000 people, is in the market for a new mayor. This post will be updated when more information is made available. In a separate email, an FBI spokesperson said the agency had worked with LMPD in the investigation and found it not to warrant federal prosecution. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. There is also a breakfast nook along with a separate laundry room. xb```f``lcf`aX4:.xI,CGtbuD>.b'~gtEw Findley for Mayor. Cheryl Guske, 75, said gun violence was her biggest issue going into the polls today. as an experienced leader & public servant from various roles like UPS Air Region Public Affairs & Communication Relations Supervisor where she was a liaison for the UPS Foundation; as well as Chief Academic Officer at Berea College; & other positions such as Middle School Math & Science teacher to Project Manager & Assistant Principal in public education. APN . What exactly is ranked-choice voting, and how would it change the Philly mayors race? 11, 2022 LOUISVILLE, Ky. Among all of the candidates for mayor in Louisville, only one is currently a mayor: Jeffersontown mayor Bill Dieruf. Second, you can vote more than once. Shaw has been in the news in recent years after facing scrutiny over approving the LMPD search warrant that led to the raid at Breonna Taylor's apartment in 2020. "The Mayor's office has to do with a lot of things, but abortion is not in the Mayor's office. 0000000873 00000 n Bill Dieruf - Louisville, KY, Republican Mayoral Candidate, 2022. As a member of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees, Craig led the effort to hold the former University President accountable for inappropriate financial dealings. Quintez Brown searched internet for Bill Dieruf on day of Craig Greenberg office shooting. mCQDI B$$Ux` ~wyQhZV7h-gYV% endstream endobj 1 0 obj <> endobj 2 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 3 0 obj <>stream Police offers were on the scene as a Courier Journal reporter drove by, and fire trucks were approaching as well. Ideal entertainer's backyard perfect for relaxation and Family Gatherings!! Stuart Rays team says the KY-3 candidate got a threat on Nov. 5, and then his campaign manager got one today.Full release: pic.twitter.com/ti56RQOb1K. We have to get there together.". To this point, Dieruf has not taken a public stance on abortion rights -- although he said his stance "will come in the future.". A settlement has been reached in a Venezuelan businessman's defamation lawsuit against Fox News and host Lou Dobbs over statements accusing him of helping tilt the 2020 presidential election. Over 50 & Flourishing with Dominique Sachse. 8 myths about renting you should stop believing immediately, 6 ways home buyers mess up getting a mortgage, 6 reasons you should never buy or sell a home without an agent, Difference between agent, broker & Realtor, Real estate agents reveal the toughest home buyers they've ever met, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Maurice Wood lives in St. Matthews, but he is originally from Chicago, and Tuesday was his first time voting in Derby City. Here's where affordability is most at risk. Election Day guide:What to know about voting and who's on the ballot for the 2022 Kentucky elections. As of 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday, The Office of the Attorney General has fielded 93pre-election day complaints and101 Election Day complaints, according to the Attorney General's office, including one "disrupting polls" complaint in both Jefferson and Oldham counties. She has a Bachelor of Mortuary Science degree from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science & from 1999-2015, was Pres. This enthusiasm led her to be recognized as Louisvilles Business First Top 20 People to Know in Education & the Workforce & recognized again by Louisvilles Business First for their Top 20 People to Know in Philanthropy. of The Gwen Mooney Funeral Homes, associated with Sg. Beyond her professional interests, she enjoys travel, playing board games with her husband, cooking international cuisine& spending quality time with her teenage son. Craig has also led other transformative, historic preservation projects that have driven Louisvilles downtown revitalization, including 111 Whiskey Row, which was nearly destroyed by fire. If you don't have one, you can sign a special form at the polls and show poll workers one of thesecardsinstead: You also could get your identity confirmed if you personally know an electionofficer. Additionally, Ray said in the statement, his campaign manager Michael Frazier, a "state-known LGBTQ/Student Rights Advocate," was threatened Tuesday in a message sent from "what appears to be a dummy Facebook account." Greenberg received 41% of the vote to beat out seven other Democrats running for mayor, with 99% of the votes counted, per the clerk's office. Something went wrong. Reach Billy Kobin at bkobin@courierjournal.com. This shows, more than anything, that the two candidates have a healthy amount of highly motivated, highly online supporters. Brown was apprehended about a mile away from the shooting site, armed with a gun and several magazines. }D9@p{)RYi&}y`|6Rxp4OYM7s(kS_Kg 9}.DHrPngC@ ./e9_^t'x0pt=rQ9&,I+';JF\%D[Skdwj[a_DU/#ei0`V&Zg;_|7ndk7c; Sullivan anticipates more people coming in to vote after work. Craig Greenberg - Louisville, KY, Democratic Mayor Candidate, 2022. I would like to see more police and less crime," he said outside of Jeffersontown High School. He graduated From the University of Louisville with a bachelors in Marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship. He indicated he wants people of both parties sitting around a. In Louisville, several key races are on the ballot, including: Two proposed constitutional amendments are also on the ballot: To check out how to see a sample ballot for your county, click here. Mayor Dieruf was a member of Leadership Louisvilles 2020 Bingham Fellows class that studied the Digital Divide, concluding it is imperative that affordable Internet access, training, and hardware be available to all Louisville households so all residents can thrive. Stuart Ray, a Republican candidate vying for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, said law enforcement in Louisville investigated a threat against his family in the days leading up to the election, and said his campaign manager received a "hate filled homophobic threat" Tuesday morning. Jeannie Adams, 66, waited for her father, Richard Kelly, outside the voting station at the St. Stephen Family Life Center polling site Tuesday morning. "It's in need of repair, revitalization, unity, energy, a sense of urgencyand most of all, action. From the time the poll went live last week through midday Monday, Rhynhart and Helen Gym received over 75% of the roughly 1,250 votes cast. Supporters of Amendment 2 on ballot have taken to sky with their message.#ElectionDay pic.twitter.com/oo9FOV0p4D. Only two or three people walked by Burns while she finished casting her vote. Polls opened bright and early at 6 a.m. and will remain open for the next 12 hours. Read the news of the day in less than 10 minutes not that were counting. 3 3) 4 Registered voter of the City of San Jos by March 11, 2022. Abortion rights and public safety are two of the more contentious issues in the November election to fill the Metro's highest ranking seat. Climate risk data is provided for informational purposes only. Greenberg, a Democrat, defeated Republican candidate Bill Dieruf, who has served as mayor of Jeffersontown since 2010. Politics is an important topic in the family, and they always talk about which candidates will get their vote. Dieruf spoke with WAVE News shortly after issuing his statement. Sullivan scans people's IDs and directs them to a station that correlates with their precinct, as multiple ones are represented at the polling location. Both menare competing to succeed Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, a Democrat who is limited by law from running for a fourth term after taking office in 2011. At the St. Stephen Family Life Center, 1508 W. Kentucky St., there are only a few voting stations scattered throughout a multipurpose room. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul will remain in office for six more years, according to The Associated Press, which has called him the winner against Democrat challenger Charles Booker. As if that didnt keep her busy enough, Gwen is a licensed funeral Dir. Born in Pakistan and raised in Southern California, & after only 9 months as Metro United Ways Director of Major & Legacy Gifts, she rose to this position, having previously served as Director for Louisville Metros Office for Globalization-joining the mayors team with over 15 yrs. He added that he plans to reach out to the other candidates who have each given of themselves to our city that we love., I think all of us here tonight agree that our city is in great need of repair," he concluded. As of 11 a.m., 8,395 more absentee ballots have been processed by clerks at polls across the state, raising the total to 71,120 total processed absentee ballots. Jordan Levy is a general assignment reporter at Billy Penn, always aiming to help Philadelphians share their stories. Since then, he's taken on a multitude . Nearby homes similar to 16816 San Jose St have recently sold between $757K to $1M at an average of $565 per square foot. It was a great experience," he said of the smooth voting process at St. John Lutheran Church, 901 Breckenridge Lane. He instituted the WOW customer service approach to city . Two polling locations in Bullitt County, Paroquet Springs and Eastside, are experiencing "longer lines" than others in the area, the local Board of Elections confirmed as the 6 p.m. voting deadline approached. We'll update this story throughout the day with more results and analysis. Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf is serving the last of his three terms in office. "If you want to see change, you have to participate in it," she told the Courier Journal. Philadelphia City Council candidate tracker, The most famous Philadelphians lost on the Titanic, Reduce your carbon footprint with this monthly delivery CSA, Philadelphians imagine better housing futures for the city. If you have questions or feedback about this data, get help at riskfactor.com and climatecheck.com. Dennis Flaherty, 72, said he voted "no" to Amendment 2, which calls to eliminate the right to an abortion in Kentucky if passed. Votes in favor of the Democratic party total 163,397, about 48%, so far. One of those people was Matt Lozen, who traveled from the Highlands to Meyzeek Middle School Tuesday morning to get his vote in early. With Mayor Sam Liccardo terming out after eight years, the city's top seat is up for grabswith at least eight candidates on the ballot in June. ", Lots of voters at St Paul United Methodist in Highlands. Greenberg also thanked his primary opponents and called for unity going forward for those voters who supported others this election. A native of Louisville, Mayor Dieruf was raised in the Hikes Point neighborhood and graduated from St. Xavier High School. [2] It's important that a woman has the right to make a decision about their body, Thurman told the Courier Journal. Next up in 5. MLS# 318003673. 3 beds, 2 baths, 1609 sq. Brown was then released from the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections on home incarceration after the Louisville Community Bail Fund paid Browns $100,000 cash bond. Don't neglect these 6 maintenance tasks - or else, Debunked! The runner-ups in the Republican and Democratic races were Chartrael Hall and Shameka Parrish-Wright, respectively. "They see all the poll workers are working as hard as they can work.". Mayor Dieruf has had many accomplishments during his three terms as Mayor. 2023 Elections Jeffersontown is a city in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Incumbent Republican Rand Paul, meanwhile, won his race over Democrat Charles Booker to return to the U.S. Senate. The average homes sell for around list price and go pending in around. Merritt said it was "easy" to get through the line in Beechmont. -lw4>8H;V{gA 8Kw,c AKgGS\:-V)RYiEf/9[dRhb u1PN"M%88VCkEv1`M1+)w^YO!T2Pqi,gSXcQ,!>^3_N3 g|"+TxA*["TO2k]o5Vv/2 :'k+b{Bo;4^E f1w}9jS/ hbfkS HiiQXps ,WlZ 'YA:aZ4XL-*=)8I8,,Szic)S,q!9V%teX;V.XPa+:*8|+4N|6foeW!!J:659V0 KL@a%d At the FOP President's Council's endorsement announcement Thursday, Dieruf voiced his intentions to bring over Jeffersontown Chief of Police Rick Sanders to serve on his team in some capacity, if elected. Absentee voters in Jefferson County only have two places they can drop off their ballots on Election Day, rather than eight options as suggested on absentee ballot paperwork. This process of removing the least popular candidate and reallocating their votes is repeated until a winner emerges. 0000002821 00000 n Lengthy lines were also reported at several locations in Bullitt County, south of Louisville. Votes in favor of the Democratic party total 163,397, about 48%, so far. Catch me and my team doing live updates throughout the day here: https://t.co/bHTgzf3ocG pic.twitter.com/3lNQX2f5gS. "There needs to be a more equitable situation, not about anything to do with defunding the police, but we need to improve the quality of the police and their attention," she said. ", And as for amendment two, Brochowizc, 33, said it was "bad for women and doctors.". ", To cheers and fist pumps, Greenberg said right after 9 p.m. Tuesday that it was "getting late, but it sure looks like were gonna be the Democratic nominee.". FairVote, the electoral reform group thats part of the polling effort, also advocates for ranked-choice voting nationwide. Check out more information about the race. "Jeffersontown needed two officers. He pleaded not guilty in Jefferson Circuit Court on April 4, prior to his federal indictment on April 6. What You Need To Know Bill Dieruf is seeking the Republican nomination for the Louisville mayoral race Check out more information about his win here. 17123 Kingsbury St, Granada Hills, CA 91344, 16244 Minnehaha St, Granada Hills, CA 91344. Heres where affordability is most at risk. If you seeany election problems, let us know by emailing lounews@courierjournal.com. LOUISVILLE, Ky. The November matchup to decideLouisville's next mayoris set, withCraig GreenbergandBill Dierufwinningthe Democratic and Republican primary electionsTuesday. Already a busy morning @ the polls in the gym at Myzeek Middle School. Dieruf won 78% of the vote in the four-candidate Republican field as of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Jefferson County Clerk's Office. As mayor for the past 11 years, Im sure my name has been Googled many times for various reasons, Dieruf said in a statement. One person can kill somebody and get life [in prison]. He then searched for a gun store close to Greenbergs house. In a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Louis Lee Stanton filed in the Southern District of New York over the weekend, lawyers for the two parties . What comparable homes are near this home? Republican incumbent Brett Guthrie will also be back in office, according to The Associated Press, after defeating Democrat challenger Hank Linderman. later said Brown had also searchedhis name online, See the outcomes for races around the commonwealth, Close calls, new names in Louisville Metro Council primary races, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. If they realize the leadership downtown is the leadership they [could have had] in J-Town, those same 100 would either stay or re-apply to LMPD," Dieruf said. Ritas Water Ice beer, dumplings at the Kimmel Center, and a Harry Potter party for dogs. First, the poll doesnt even require you to live in Philly to participate, much less be a registered voter. 16326 San Jose St, Granada Hills, CA 91344, 17074 San Jose St, Granada Hills, CA 91344, 10514 Collett Ave, Granada Hills, CA 91344, 10347 Gerald Ave, Granada Hills, CA 91344. McGarvey, a white attorney, is a top-ranking Democrat in the Republican-dominated Kentucky Senate. If you are using a screen reader, or having trouble reading this website, please call Redfin Customer Support for help at 1-844-759-7732. Hot off the press, here are some more early voting numbers in Kentucky, as 8,395 more absentee ballots have now been processed by clerks as of 11am now 71,120 total processed, with 11,420 absentee ballots left that were mailed out but have not been processed yet. Dieruf also said retired officers have told him they'd return to the force under his leadership. Were working on getting current and accurate flood risk information. Stamped Concrete Driveway with a finished 2 car garage. Philadelphians need accessible, trustworthy information to make educated choices about our next leaders. ", Dieruf, thanking his volunteers and supporters, also said that come Jan. 1, "the train has got to be moving. Carolyn Van Zant, 74, has lived in Louisville for 11 years, was among those filing through in the final few hours. Bookmark this link: courier-journal.com/elections/results/local/, 2022 Kentucky election results See who won. The scientific poll was commissioned by good government group Committee of Seventy, community nonprofit Urban Affairs Coalition, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, electoral reform advocacy group FairVote, and local news outlet The Philadelphia Citizen. But the second page of instructions says only the Jefferson County Clerk Election Center at 1000 E. Liberty St. is accepting ballots on Election Day. Fluorescent lights cast shadows on voters like Debora Gray, 57, who came from the California neighborhood to cast her vote early Tuesday. hr6z Democrat Craig Greenberg took aim at Republican candidate and current Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf's public stance, or lack thereof, on abortion law. And when Adams' mother was alive, they came together as a family. The deadline to return absentee ballots is approaching quickly, Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said Tuesday afternoon, and a notable portion still haven't been submitted. Not sure where your local polling place is in Kentucky? "The fifth wouldn't power up. I hope to continue making Louisville a place where businesses and residents thrive! You'll need tobring aphoto IDwith youfollowinglaw passedin 2020that requires voters to show photo identification atthe polls. Nov 17, 2022, 11:33 AM Craig Greenberg's campaign; Bill Dieruf's campaign; Insider Democrat Craig Greenberg defeated Republican Bill Dieruf in Louisville, Kentucky's mayoral race. It was the most expensive circuit court race in Kentucky history, with more than $360,000 spent by two outside PACs on ads and total spending between the candidates and the PACs surpassing $1 million. Greenberg, who said he's honored and humbled to take the position, will replace Greg Fischer, who had been in office since 2011 and is serving out his third and final term. Property features 3 bed 2 bath, very spacious rooms. Sabeen believes in empowering people to be part of the solution to challenges, teaching them to intentionally focus their energy on a positive direction, ensuring they make sensible choices, and thriving as trailblazers within their community. (Those are available at local circuit court clerk's and regional driver's license offices.). xref Craig Greenberg - Louisville, KY, Democratic Mayor Candidate, 2022 Craig is a proud Louisvillian, husband, father, entrepreneur, and community leader who believes in thinking big, working hard, and making things happen. The possible threat has since been "contained," he said, thanking LMPD and the FBI for their response. Redfin has 33 photos of 16816 San Jose St. Based on Redfin's Granada Hills data, we estimate the home's value is $998,897.

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