Japan International Asset Management

Japan International Asset Management

JIAM (The Consortium for Japan International Asset Management Center Promotion), a not-for-profit organization, assists international asset management firms, asset management technology firms and talented financial professionals in tapping into the Japanese market. Through collaboration with Japanese government agencies (primarily the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and industry associations, JIAM’s goal is to bolster the Japanese asset management industry and support firms and individuals associated with it.

To foster and integrate a diversified asset management community in Japan
In recent years, the Japanese government has announced economic growth strategies along with a series of measures, and has called for the need to diversify the asset management industry of Japan. Together with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, industry associations and key industry players, JIAM was established to bolster the asset management industry and transform Tokyo into a global financial center.

Facing a rapidly aging population, the need for investment diversification of, and a seamless investment value chain for household assets (which amount to USD 17 trillion) have become paramount and critical for Japan.

JIAM’s objective is to develop the Tokyo asset management community, attract investment professionals and to nurture investment capabilities.

Website: www.jiam.tokyo.com

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