J Asset Management

J Asset Management

HJ Asset Management (“HJAM”) is an independent asset management firm providing international investors with an unbiased Japanese investment solution.

Leveraging the established history and reputation of Housing Japan K.K., our group company, HJAM has the experience and expertise to provide first class service to investors seeking exposure to Japanese investment opportunities.

The team has extensive experience in sourcing attractive investment opportunities; structuring; and managing the investments to ensure investor interests are met. Primary importance is placed on protecting investor satisfaction and providing a tailor-made approach to each opportunity.

With a multicultural team comprised of professionals with investment, finance, infrastructure and real-estate backgrounds, we look forward to providing unparalleled service to meet your Japanese investment objectives.

Website: www.hjasset.com
Address: BPR Place Kamiyacho 7F,
1-11-9 Azabudai,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0041
Tel: +81(0)3-3588-8870
Email: info@hjasset.com

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